• 3D Game Sound Technology
  • Cool LED Lighting
  • Inline Controller
  • Neodymium Magnet Speaker

Gaming Speaker with 3D Sound and Super Neodymium Magnet Speaker

Speake NYK SP-N01 is gaming speaker that already features 3D Game Sound Technology. The sound of this speaker is very clear. 3D Sound Technology and cool LED Lighting feature also can make your gaming experience better.

Inline Controller and USB+3.5 Plug

Sound Volume Control and 2 Separate Plugs

Speaker NYK SP-N01 is a gaming speaker with 3D Gaming Sound Technology that produces a clear and powerful sound. This speaker is also featured with inline controller which makes it easy to adjust the volume of the sound just by turning the small wheels on the controller. This speaker also has 2 different plugs USB and 3.5 Jack Plug.

Technical Specification

  • Power Value: 5W X 2
  • Impendance: 40hm
  • Volume Control: In-Line
  • Driver: Super Nedoymium Magnet Speaker
  • Driver Size: 45mm*2
  • Frequency Response: 90Hz-20KHz
  • Power Source: USB Cable A(M)
  • Cable Length: 12 meter