Mousepad NYK Drax G8000 is a XXL Waterproof gaming mousepad with 7 Mode RGB Light made of high quality anti friction fabric on the top surface and on the bottom surface using quality rubber materials that are useful as anti skid. Also this mousepad have One Button Controller And Extra USB Port

  • Waterproof Surface
  • Ultra Smooth Surface
  • 7 Mode RGB Lighting
Detail Spesifikasi

Nama Product : NYK DRAX G8000
Tipe Mousepad : Speed
Koneksi : USB 1.8m (Kabel Braided)
Mode LED RGB : 7 Mode RGB Lighting
Material Atas : Kain Tekstur Microfiber
Material Bawah : Karet
Dimensi : 800x300x4mm

Isi Kemasan

1x Mousepad Drax G8000

1x USB Cable USB To Micro